Ladies, you're invited...

to join other like-minded women who are empowering themselves through

The Patrick Henry Center


Sunday, March 20, 9:30 - 12:00 PM at the Courtyard by Marriott in Fairfax
Sunday, March 20, 12:30 - 5:00 PM NRA Classroom Training
Tuesday, March 22, Small Group Range Sessions with Individual NRA Instructors (Times Vary)

Patriettes is an educational, hands-on self-defense firearms program enabling women with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle and protect themselves with a firearm.

Each seminar includes:

  • A women’s only class, allowing you to feel comfortable raising any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Introduction and background information from The Patrick Henry Center.
  • Real life stories and advice from former female law enforcement officers.
  • Classroom training from NRA certified instructors covering the basics of firearm components, safety, proper shooting and self-defense techniques, and legal implications
  • .
  • An hour of one-on-one range training with an NRA certified instructor.
  • After successfully completing our training, each Virginia resident receives a certificate qualifying them to apply for a Virginia Concealed Carry Permit.


What is The Patrick Henry Center Patriettes program_
The Center's Patriettes initiative, in collaboration with Second Amendment Sisters and Law Enforcement Alliance of America, is an educational, 'hands-on' self-defense firearms program that will empower women across the country with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle and protect themselves with a firearm - exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Upon completion of this program, women possess the necessary safety and hands-on training, provided by NRA certified firearms instructors, to apply for and receive a Concealed Carry Permit…even if they have never before handled a firearm.

Why we exist
Our joint initiative was inspired by a concern for the safety of America's women. Patriettes refuses to accept that women should remain easy targets for violent predators. Because America is home to a "progressive" society, women are given phone access and some memorized numbers (911), but in some areas, that is as effective as dial-a-prayer. It is clear from the crime statistics that access to a telephone is not enough!

Patriettes provides…

  • a comfortable, women's-only environment allowing women to raise questions they may otherwise be intimidated to ask in a mixed gender setting.
  • one-on-one hands-on firearms training, with a licensed NRA firearms instructor
  • the necessary instruction required by state law to qualify and apply for a Concealed Carry Permit in the state of Virginia
  • the opportunity to raise concerns and fears about guns and gun safety
  • an excellent resource for networking with other like-minded women

Sadly, many feel that those who have already been victims of a crime are the only ones entitled to or justified in receiving this type of training. While we certainly welcome those who have fallen victim to some sort of violence, the class was designed for all women who are interested in empowering and protecting themselves with the use of a firearm.

Any woman who has ever felt vulnerable or afraid while walking to her car in a dark mall parking lot, or having to stop for gas late at night, is someone we would like to help. Patriettes is about more than enabling women to prevent themselves from falling victim to a crime, it's about providing them with a feeling of confidence and alleviating their great fears of vulnerability.

Our graduates are homemakers, mothers, public relations directors, secretaries, presidents of major organizations, writers, college students, cashiers, business women and stay-at-home mothers, single women and married women, a widely diverse group.

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