Mission Statement

The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty is a nonprofit, charitable and educational foundation incorporated in Virginia. The Center has been modeled after the life and philosophy of Patrick Henry, one of the greatest patriots and orators of the American Revolutionary Period. Patrick Henry, famous for his ability to rouse citizens of all rank with his oratory gifts and courage to face down oppressive government, is best known for his "give me liberty, or give me death" speech. In fact Patrick Henry's life included many important accomplishments, both before and after the Revolution, such as his leadership in forcing the adoption of the Bill of Rights, thus ensuring the ratification of our beloved Constitution. Henry later became Virginia's first Governor under a new republic, and was elected to this office five times before retiring from public life.

Patrick Henry exhibited courage in the face of incredible odds, which inspired others to do the same. Henry has long been acknowledged as America's best known symbol of free speech, a man known for sounding calls for freedom and alarms against state-sponsored tyranny. Henry risked life, reputation and fortune to promote liberty and freedom. Henry strongly believed in state's rights and a limited federal government. In support of the ideals of Patrick Henry, the Center was formed to educate the public about his life and philosophy, and to support and promote Freedom of Speech, as well as the other Constitutional safeguards blessed to Americans in the Bill of Rights. The Center will educate the public about Henry's key role in providing these rights to U.S. Citizens.

The Center will assist in the uncovering of serious wrongdoing in the federal government, will promote and protect every citizen's right to know, to speak out, and to correct corruptions no matter where they may occur. The Center will identify, encourage, support and protect those who believe in free speech, particularly as it applies to ethics and honesty in federal government.

To this end the Center plans to educate the public through conferences, symposia, speaking events and other public fora. The Center also intends to accomplish its goals and convey its message through the publication of pamphlets, newsletters, books and similar written methods and through other forms of media. Additionally, the Center intends to promote the public's understanding of the media and its role in today's important issues.

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