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Building the Foundation

By Gary Aldrich, President

Much has been accomplished since in the winter of 1996 when I determined an organization like the Patrick Henry Center was urgently needed.

At that time I determined that I had information and experience that could be put to good use to help others. There was also the issue of my credibility. And so I joined with other conservatives to create a foundation that could protect our rights, protect ethical dissenters, and promote the memory of one of our greatest heroes, Patrick Henry.

By the spring of 1997 we had obtained our tax-exempt status from the IRS and had successfully incorporated in the State of Virginia. Then we began our important work. Soon it was clear that people like you were also greatly concerned, and might be willing to help us.

Within a short time we raised enough money to begin to address our first important mission — the protection of those who we call, "ethical dissenters" those who choose to come forward, or perhaps have no choice, but need to tell the truth about federal government wrongdoing.

Our First Mission

Our very first client was someone you are sure to know: Linda Tripp. Linda was being vilified by the media in a hateful misinformation campaign designed to destroy her credibility. Her attorneys knew how to protect her legal rights, but turned to our Center for important advice on the media, federal government tactics used against "whistle blowers," and the dishonest conduct of federal employees who support a corrupt administration. There were others who were out to punish Linda for doing her duty as a law-abiding citizen and a sworn federal employee.

Our Center provided months of consulting and scheduling for Linda and her representatives, and paid the costs of the many appearances that Linda's legal team used to get Linda's message out.

We also met with Linda's attorneys on the all-important htmlect of Linda's legal bills, and how to pay for them. Based in part on our advice, Linda made important early choices about how to raise funds necessary to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of legal bills.

During this same time, I made hundreds of appearances on TV and Radio, as well as many public appearances around the nation on behalf of Linda, and the truth. Slowly we began to turn public opinion in Linda's direction.

Also during this period the Center assisted other less viable ethical dissenters who were also having difficulties, simply because they wanted to tell the truth, did not want to take the 5th, leave the country, or lose their memories. We played our part in the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton — by making sure more truth about this flawed man was available.

Patrick Henry Center Plays Important Role in Clinton Impeachment

We can now reveal the little known fact that in the fall of 1997 I met with Congressman Bob Barr and a few other concerned Americans in Charleston, South Carolina, where we discussed and planned for an impeachment of a corrupted and abusive president. As president of the Patrick Henry Center I made hundreds of appearances in the media regarding something that seemed so obvious to me, but was not part of the conventional wisdom at that time.

Many people were afraid to speak the "I" word in 1997, but I am convinced that working together with Congressman Bob Barr and those few others, we were able to get people used to the notion that this flawed man should be removed from office.

Momentum grew for Bill Clinton's impeachment, and of course the surfacing of "Monica" made such a trial a certainty. That Bill Clinton was impeached in the House but not removed from office by the Senate, was a disappointing shame, but through this painful process I'm certain that many more citizens came to understand that their president is a liar, and much, much worse.

Center Aids in Nuclear Spy Investigation

Today we are helping several new clients and remain helpful to Linda Tripp. Right now we are assisting a very important witness who will testify about the most serious threat facing us today: The apparent espionage committed against the Department of Energy by a trusted employee who's loyalty to other nations may have caused the greatest harm to our nation's safety and security since the KGB! Of course this administration and the bureaucrats at the Department of Energy want to keep this man quiet, and will do anything to prevent him from telling the truth. But the Center stands with him, and will assist him so that the truth can come out.

Meet Juanita Broaddrick, Clinton Victim

The Center also offered to assist Juanita Broaddrick, a wonderful woman who claims she was raped by a young Bill Clinton, then Attorney General for the State of Arkansas. I personally had two conversations with her and offered the Center's help, if she needed it. Both Mrs. Broaddrick and her husband told me personally that our important offer of help meant a lot to them. Soon after our calls of encouragement and offers of help, Mrs. Broaddrick did come forward in her now famous TV interview. We believe our efforts played a part in her decision to come forward. Almost everyone who has watched her interview agrees that her charges appear very credible.

Communications to Supporters Critical

In addition to helping encourage and support ethical dissenters, the Center:

  • Moved into new office space
  • Hired a much needed administrative assistant
  • Assisted several ethical dissenters, and consulted with many more
  • Appeared in numerous media, supporting witnesses and the concept of free political speech.
  • Began a program of "guest-hosting" on Radio Talk Shows with national audiences.
  • Worked with another organization to promote two major rallies in our nation's capitol, and spoke at both. C-SPAN covered one live, and repeated the program over and over.
  • Confronted many liberals on numerous TV shows, debating the merits of impeachment, and the testimony of Secret Service Agents.
  • Worked with members of Congress, private attorneys, and Ken Starr's office on confidential matters related to the Clinton Administration.

As you can see, we have been very busy, and we have accomplished much. But there is much to do. We need to continue to assist the ethical dissenters we have previously agreed to help. We will continue to reach out for others who are compelled by conscience (or subpoena) and assist them so that the "system" cannot destroy them. This year we will become more active in outreach advertising efforts to encourage others to come forward and report serious wrongdoing.

Our Future is Promising

And we have an exciting new project we are working on. With the assistance of former members of the House Judiciary Committee's investigative team, we have put together a theory of a sweeping civil case that can be filed against Bill Clinton and his corrupted associates. We are currently having our lawyers research this important opportunity, and they will soon render their opinion as to whether we should move forward. I'm sure any decision to move forward will involve substantial legal fees. But we are prepared to pull out all the stops to ensure that the truth will out.

Getting to know Patrick Henry

Of course we need to continue to promote the memory of Patrick Henry. We have obtained several hundred copies of one of the best books written about Patrick Henry: Son of Thunder. We will soon be sending one to those donors who have indicated an interest in having a copy, and we are exploring the idea of sending 100 elementary and secondary schools Henry's life story so that students can have a chance to read about one of our nation's greatest heroes.

Washington was the sword, Jefferson the pen, and of course, Patrick Henry the "tongue" of the American Revolution. Promoting Henry's memory will remind citizens what free political speech is all about. We must all work hard to stamp out "political correctness," a politically inspired left-wing weapon that strikes at the heart of all our liberties. If we can't complain freely about the Left's agenda, how can we possibly stop it_

Lastly, office space and the addition of an administrative assistant will allow us to meet some of our obligations to keep our supporters better informed about our activities. We are certain that after you have read this letter you will have renewed confidence in our mission and our ability to perform it. We at the Patrick Henry Center will continue to work hard for you, and for free speech, and for all those who have the courage to stand up against federal government wrongdoing.

Financial Support for Center Critical

Today, more than 2,000 people are counted as charter supporters for the Patrick Henry Center. Donors are from all walks of life. Many are active and retired federal employees who recognize the importance of our work. Most are people who have a concern about the role of ethical dissent in our society, and the power of corrupt politicians in Washington to destroy their enemies. We have the support of several private foundations and corporations. The Center, as a 501-C-3 organization, is also equipped to be the beneficiary of bequests and planned gifts to help perpetuate our work.

For information on special ways to support the work of the Patrick Henry Center,
please feel free to call Gary Aldrich personally at (703) 691-2301.

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